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An all American classic.  American Cheese and buttery yellow French bread grilled to perfection. What more can you say about the sandwich that started it all. *vegetarian friendly*  $5

‘Merica F&@* Yeah™

We take our classic grilled cheese and add bacon. What more could you ask for? $5

Eh, Buddy™

Take that grilled cheese sandwich north of the border with our classic back bacon sandwich. Home cured Canadian style pork loin and American cheese toasted to perfection. Pretty good, Eh? $5

Istanbul™ (not Constantinople)

This Mediterranean inspired sandwich will not disappoint. Our own creamy spinach and feta cheese spread with hints of garlic and Parmesan melted in between two slices of perfectly toasted Yellow French bread. This is a crowd favorite. *vegetarian friendly* $6

(Not a vegetarian? Ask and we can add meat. For $1 more this sandwich is great with some Canadian Style Pork Loin or couple of slices of bacon. Maybe go crazy and add both)

Toast Hawaii™

This sandwich tips its hat to the perfect flavor combination of Pork and Pineapple from the Aloha state . Grilled pineapple rings and Canadian style pork loin held together with melted American cheese on Yellow French bread. $6

Mason Dixon™

This southern classic with award winning slow smoked pulled pork, pepper jack cheese and our made-from-scratch Memphis style barbecue sauce. This sandwich will have you whistling Dixie. $6

The Mount Vesuvius™ *spicy*-

Just like its names sake this Italian melt is hot. American Cheese, our own house ground and seasoned Italian Sausage and spicy Italian Salsa (diced tomato, onion, jalapeno, and cayenne for an extra kick). $6

*vegetarian options* Not keen on meat but want some spice in your life? Ask us to hold the Italian sausage.

The Bay of Pigs™

We took a classic Cubana and added an Iowa twist. We added more pork. Three little Havana piggies; slow smoked pulled pork, Canadian style pork loin and bacon smothered in melted American cheese, dill pickle and our homemade sweet and tangy Honey Mustard sauce. This is sure to satisfy no matter where you’re from. $7

Nacho Menu

That’s right. Coming soon all our delicious ingredients available in nacho form. Menu currently under development. Come find us and try what we are working on.

*Breakfast/Brunch Menu*

(available at brunch and breakfast events)

The Common Wealth Banjo™- This sandwich may be familiar to people who have followed us since the beginning. We fry an egg over easy then cover it in bacon, sliced tomatoes, melted American cheese and our own horseradish mayonnaise. All served on perfectly grilled French bread. $6

Norman Rockwell™- Toasted French bread, melted American cheese, over easy egg, and bacon. This is the Norman Rockwell of American breakfast sandwiches. $6

The Great White North™– Canadian style pork loin, or Back Bacon as they call it in the Great White North, melty American Cheese, and over easy egg on toasted French Bread. Served with a mini donut. Pretty good eh’ $7

#Hashtag™- #cornbeefhash #overeasyegg #Americancheese #Frenchbread #melted #toasted #delicious $7

Huevos y Queso con Salsa- For our Spanish speakers the name is the description. Just like it says, over easy egg, melted American cheese, spicy salsa, on perfectly toasted bread. * $6

*eating under cooked animal products may be hazardous*